20/04/12 – 22/04/12
The ister was invited for Poppositions off fair, and decided to present the works of Alan Fertil & Damien Teixidor:
model for a fountainhead ~ california über alles ~ drippers
This on site sculptural project is based on a reflection about what the station “calls for”: what could come in and also somehow come out of this space. The process of production includes the sculptures to be skated, considering the potential use of these shapes, injecting them with a certain memory. Fertil & Teixidor’s intervention tackles the architecture, the layout and function of the space by providing an escape from it. Model for a fountainhead and california über alles are located at the centre of the station hall transforming this crossing and passing area into a temporary meeting point.
The artists say: Our intention with these works is for them to be spontaneously used by the audience for sitting, exchanging and placing objects. We aim to find a key display of forms that combine function with exotism and a certain halted nostalgia, in a way reflecting the spirit of the station while breaking away from it at the same time.
Fertil & Teixidor create a gathering space where function leads to escapism and which diverts from the finality of the station by copying its structure: a vessel that takes you elsewhere. Here the destination remains vague, the artists’ fantasy of a common place for contemplation and leisure. The sculptures are informed by a vernacular activism driven by the artists who become distant performers of their works in drippers. They embody seemingly atypical characters wandering around the space they have made, acting as a physical reference of displacement. A kind of perverted picturesque scene arises: halfway through a déjà vu memory and an unlikely site-specific fiction.
model for a fountainhead
california über alles
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