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The Ister presents talgo, an a project currated by cura


A group show on the loss of control

The Chinese Whispers exhibition is an idea of cura.’s which involves a mixed group of artists and curators.

It is a project on role reversal, loss of control and chaos, but also on the multiplication and layering of experiences, the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, and on the dynamics of building a visual, aesthetic, conceptual imagination extended to an entire community.

At an early stage, everyone is potentially included, because the curators of the project, who make the first invitations, have no control over who will be invited later, nor on the influence and thoughts that will guide the evolution of the experience.

In fact, each member of the chain will decide for themselves who to pass the baton to, choosing either an artist or a curator who, in turn, will invite someone else. Unlike the game it got its name from, the project does not entail the disclosure of the same sentence from one person to the next, but is set up so as to include new ideas at each step, turning each newly-called member into an active player in the group.

Artists too see their role changed and challenged by the proposing role they are asked to take on for the project, a result of the decisions and choices of all participants and also addressing the artistic approaches of others. Individualities thus emerge as a single communal voice, the image of a shared experience.

Within one month the chain of calls will define the team for the final exhibition, which will take place in the rooms of cura.basement, and will consist of a variety of works, traces, suggestions, grafts, all connected by a thread.

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