The Ister is pleased to present You Wanna See Me Put It In the Hole ?, a two hour long exhibition for Upcoming Exhibitions @ ABC Art Fair 2013 featuring works by Marco Bruzzone (1974, IT/DE), Susan Ploetz (US/DE) and We Are The Painters (1981, FR).

Bruzzone, Ploetz, and We Are the Painters were each invited to develop individual works to be combined, overlapped, and transformed within this restricted, scenographic environment of June 14 designed by MeyerGrohbrügge&Chermayeff. It is the limitations of this unusual setting that inform the intention of The Ister’s project: as absurdity leads to chaos, disparate lines begin to close in and intermingle as they share the same space and the same timespan.

You Wanna See Me Put It In the Hole? takes its structure from Vernon Chatman / Pffr’s 2009 film Final Flesh, in which a nonerotic script – a behind closed doors scenario of humans preparing for, and mysteriously surviving nuclear apocalypse – was sent to various adult entertainment companies on the basis that they would commit fully to any script they received regardless of its nature, pornographic or not. With each company working in complete isolation from each other, the result is a strenuous fourpart comic satire of abject, surrealist nature, dwelling in free interpretation and loss of direction.

The three artists were chosen for their layered, nonlinear approach to performance for You Wanna See Me Put It In the Hole?. Marco Bruzzone’s work is often subtle to the point of invisibility, eschewing easy logic in favour of densely interwoven and personal narratives. Meanwhile, Susan Ploetz’s research into somatics informs her music, dance, and sculptural performances, as she looks for ways to feel and be felt through a technocultural (and sometimes political) lens. Artist duo We Are The Painters use painting and video to explore ideas of division, detail, and fetish in order to arrive at a holistic, if fantastic, image. Bruzzone, Ploetz, and We Are the Painters will create works to be juggled and jostled on Upcoming Exhibitions’ stage.

You Wanna See Me Put It In the Hole? thus questions the entropic value of a collective art event that willingly allows for apparent nonsense to take place, fostering a paradoxical perhaps fictional state of ridicule and sublime.

The Ister for Upcoming Exhibitions @ ABC Art Fair 2013